Church School at RACC

Our Main Sunday Morning Christian Education Ministry

9:45AM – 10:45AM

Our developing Christian education ministry has a vision to teach all ages according to our Lord’s commission. The ongoing effort of this ministry is to prepare all true disciples of Jesus to become disciple makers. There are no graduates, just diligent seekers, class facilitators and participants that come to learn and grow together as the Spirit of God makes each person who they ought to be.


Bible Study Scope and Sequence of Lessons for Genesis to Ruth (Facilitators – Please feel free to download additional copies as needed)

We are currently using Bible Book THEMES as a guide in the process of ongoing inductive Bible studies. Even though everyone will be studying every week, a designated facilitator will lead each study session in sharing information and eliciting discussion on their rotation date. The Bible study facilitator must choose a main scripture text based on the description of the theme/s for the lesson they facilitate.