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March 2018

Commitment to Covenant Community is a Spiritual Thing

This sermon by Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson is based on Genesis 17:9 and Galatians 6:15-16:
The Holy Spirit wants us to remain encouraged to fulfill the tasks needed to make the vision of Christ’s church a continued reality.  As the Spirit is allowed to renew us on a daily basis, we will be better enabled to commit to covenant community.

Vexation of the Spirit Leads to Backsliding

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Genesis 13:10-13 and 2 Peter 2:7-9 – Since the enemy has launched a campaign against every Christian’s passion to pursue their covenantal purpose, this message will deal with the process of reviving our passion to walk closely with God.  The main idea here is that we want to avoid even the most subtle beginnings of backsliding at any cost!

Developing a Christlike Attitude and Mouth

This Bible Meditation as shared by Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson is based on Psalms 103:1 and 145:21 – God intends for our bodies and souls to match the life purpose of His Spirit.  When God blesses us, we have also been given a privileged opportunity to communicate what He has done.  The marvelous things that God has done should be reflected from the inside out.  Whatever is in our hearts will eventually be communicated.

February 2018

How to Listen for God’s Voice

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Deuteronomy 28:1, 2 – This sermon will focus on the experiences we face when trying to hear what God is trying to say to us.  How do we differentiate His voice from our own, or from that of the devil?

How to Secure God as Your Guide

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Proverbs 3:5, 6 – God will bless our lives better than what our innate secular qualities have to offer.  So, it is highly advantageous for us to make provisions for the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives.

God’s Faithful Love Deserves My Undivided Attention

In this first message of the Series, Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson presents a Bible meditation based on Proverbs 21:3 – We cannot expect God to enjoy a relationship with us when we do things just to serve ourselves.  Becoming righteous in our own eyes is a proven way to sever a right relationship with God.  When our life choices are molded by an intense motivation to feel good or to fit in despite how they affect others, we become self-centered, and it becomes hard to have a healthy relationship with anyone, especially God.

God’s Holy Love is Selfless

This sermon archive is from 2/5/17, from our Library of GRACE Series.  God’s love is agape, which is selfless, not self-centered.  What the world needs now is agape, holy agape!

January 2018

Love Letter #66 – Revelation. Part 2 – Stay in the Lord’s Shelter of Holy Discipline

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Psalm 97:10 and Revelation 3:1-6 – This message marks the season of spiritual cultivation that the Lord has made for the benefit of our souls.  We must not look left or right and strictly depend upon His redeeming power both day and night.  The spiritual and moral decline that we are surrounded by in today’s post modern world cannot harm us if we…Stay in the Lord’s Shelter of Holy Discipline!

Love Letter #66 – Revelation Part 1: Our Flaws and Failures Don’t Have to be the Final Word!

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Revelation 12: 10, 11 – When we initially fall prey to Satan’s wicked devices, we must remember how God has provided grace to make and keep us victorious over the power of sin.  God’s eternal word was final before time, which covers our finite existence.







Love Letter #65 – Jude: The Ongoing Battle of the Chaste and the Disgraced

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Jude 3, 4 – By cherishing God’s Holy Word above what is antagonistically and disgracefully fashionable in this world, you will be enabled by His Spirit to live as a faithful Christian. We must remember that there are eternal considerations at stake when we make choices in this life. These considerations could affect us both personally and interpersonally.


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