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April 2017

Love Letter #41 – Mark – Freedom From Cocoons of Comfort – Part 2

Sr Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Mark 8:31-38 – I had a vision of self-mummified servants of God, thoroughly encased in thick silk covers like comfortable body bags of dormancy used to avoid callings for service.  These cocoons of comfort disallow the dormant dwellers to move forward in maturation, forever a pupa, never developing into a mature faith flyer.

March 2017

Love Letter #40 – Matthew – Jesus Came to Restore Us

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Psalm 119: 9-16 and Matthew 16:25 – Matthew is basically letting us know that God wants to clean us up and replace the old contents of sin that have been innately stored, with new and improved contents that only He can provide.  The ministry calling of Matthew reveals how the replacement of defiled, unnecessary ways of life with the fresh anointing of God will help us and others in contact with us as they are enlightened by His glory glowing in our character.

Love Letter #39 – Malachi – Prepare the Way of the Lord!

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Malachi 3:1 and Mark 1:1-8 – There are obligations of love and devotion to Jesus as Lord that His true family must reciprocate if He has certainly changed their heart morally and spiritually.  As God does His husbandry work, His spiritual farming of our souls, He intends to prepare us for dealing with the public.  He never places more on us than we can handle, but He also continues to work on our development as effective workers.

Love Letter #38 – Zechariah – Jesus is Our Shelter of Eternal Hope

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Zechariah 2:10-13 – God never promised that we would always be happy in this world, but He also never said that it was a sin to be happy.  We need His holy wisdom, which enables us to not give up on life just because we’re not happy.  He gave us Jesus, who is supposed to be our Lord, the Eternal One who is way more secure for us to hope in, providing everlasting anticipation.

Love Letter #37 – Haggai – How to Qualify as a Good Christian Steward

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Haggai 2:5-9 – When we consider the quality requirements of being a Christian steward, we need to investigate both God’s role, and our role as believers in the relationship.  God offers us a partnership with Him in His glorious and yet meek way; however, there are imperatives that mandate our complete commitment, which we will see after the delineation of each partner’s role.  What are we supposed to do to qualify as managers of His riches that He bestows from glory?

February 2017

Love Letter #36 – Zephaniah – Buried Treasure Shall be Discovered Again

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Zephaniah 3:18-20 – In this 36th Love Letter, we will see how God is seeking true worship and unwavering devotion to His creative will for our lives.  We are to always be His priceless ma

Love Letter #35 – Habakkuk – Let GOD be Your Ongoing Strength

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Habakkuk 3:17-19 and Psalm 28:7 – After reading Habakkuk you may, and should realize how little you really understand GOD, and even how little you may appreciate the way HE works.  This book should serve as a tool of God’s Spirit to point your passions and life motives towards the will of Heaven where God’s almighty, flawless and holy throne eternally exists.  It should develop a strong, flawless, resolute trust in God’s eternal hope.  No matter what you face in this life, the Lord’s endless reservoir of hope in your heart will already be established.

Love Letter #34 – Nahum – God’s Holy Love is Selfless

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Nahum 1:7, 8  The prophet Nahum reminds us of God’s sovereign hand, working in the darkest of times to bring holy justice, hope, and love throughout the world, making it great again, as He strengthens His faithful workers to revive the greatness of agape.

January 2017

Love Letter #33 – Micah – The Purpose of True Worship

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Micah 6:8 and Matthew 23:23 – When we worship according to Heaven’s protocol, we are cultivating a right relationship with God, which will continuously challenge us to be God’s eternal associate in all that we do.  The basic purpose of true discipleship is for one to experience the divine transformation process of being like Jesus.


Love Letter #32 – Jonah – Lord, Work on Me, and Put Me to Work! Part 1

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Jonah 1:1-3; Matthew 12:38-42; Philippians 1:3-6 – Are you displaying God’s heart of grace to a spiritually lost world?  Every part of our being needs God’s grace.  Evil biases and unholy pet peeves can hinder faithful obedience to God’s will in our lives.  As Christian workers we have a part to play in the advancement of God’s kingdom.  Hearing the wrong voice can derail and detour our faith journey.  We cannot allow the enemy’s voice to deter us from the holy narrow way of God.  When that happens we will hesitate to worship and trust God. 





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