April 2019

4/21/19 Resurrection Sunday – The Blessing of Blessing the Lord

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares thoughts based on Psalm 103:1-5 during the 4/21/19 Resurrection Sunday Morning Worship Service at RACC – As we worship on this Resurrection Sunday, we seek to commemorate how Jesus Christ chose to be the sacrificial substitute for the sins of lost man.  We will look at three main historic, biblical testimonies […]

4/16/17 Love Letter #43 – John – We Can’t Live Right Until We Die Right

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares this archive sermon from 4/16/17.  It is based on John 12:23-26 – Life presents situations where one must choose to walk in the flesh or in the Spirit.  The flesh, or our godless mindset that we are born with is constantly at war with the Holy Spirit.  If you are […]

3/25/18 Resurrection Meditation (17 min.): How to Survive as a Living Sanctuary

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares this 3/25/18 meditation based on Romans 12: 1, 2 (KJV) – God wants us to be mindful of what we subject ourselves to as we go through our everyday life experiences.  Are we causing ourselves harm? Are we imprisoning ourselves as houses of merchandise, living for the things God […]