May 2018

You Can’t Be Filled Until You’re Emptied

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Philippians 2:5-11 – In this part of our journey to experience the power of heavenly purpose, the Holy Spirit seeks to encourage us to be reminded about the doctrine of Christ, in an effort to know what it takes to become His true disciples. 

Mother’s Day 2018 Sermon – The Birth and Care of a Holy People

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from 1 Peter 1:23 – 2:9 – As we continue our Covenant Living Series, Part 2 – Supernatural Power for Everyday People, this segment comes as prophetic encouragement for our women of God who are biological mothers, as well as, all born again Christian women of God.  Our Lord’s concern is […]

Covenant People Have Abundant Life by the Holy Spirit

Sr. Pastor A. A. Jackson shares from Romans 8:16 and John 10:10 – At this junction in our series, the Spirit of God is seeking to make certain that we understand His revelation of the abundant life.  He sees how the secular world has had a deleterious influence on the theology of Christ’s Church.  Instead of making disciples that […]